Trivia Royale is much more fun with friends.

  1. Tap in the bottom right of Trivia Royale app.
  2. In the new popup enter friends username in the search field.
  3. Tap plus icon to add a friend. Now you will see these profiles in Pending tab. So, these users should also add you as a friend – and then you will become friends in Trivia Royale app.

UPDATE: Impossible to add friends

After recent update, search function stopped working in Trivia app.

Trivia royale impossible to add friends

Let’s hope it is a bug that will be fixed soon. Check for updates in the App Store and try to update your app.

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What is Trivia Royale app?

Trivia Royale is one of the most popular Trivia apps. It replaced Trivia HQ app, which was quite popular some time ago.

With Trivia Royale you can play Trivia games all the time and also invite your friends.

Every time you play, you enter competition with other Trivia Royale users, who are in the app right now. So, it is a different concept from Trivia HQ – where competition happened at a scheduled timeslot only.

It is possible to create an account, change your avatar, add or buy coins (e.g. to remove ads). Trivia Royale avatars are pretty cool!

How to play Trivia Royale?

Just tap Play Royale.

The app will wait until there are enough live players.

After that you will start a series of one-on-one competitions. There are 5 questions in each round. If you lose – you leave the round. If you win – you move further, until you win. That’s the concept.

How to delete Trivia Royale account?

To delete an account in Trivia Royale go to Settings and then tap Delete User.


Can’t add friends in Trivia Royale

After a recent update, friends search field stopped working in Trivia Royale app – therefore it is not possible to add friends. There is no solution at the moment…

What is Trivia Royale reddit?

Change username in Trivia Royale

Go to Settings

Can you find Trivia Royale answers?

Check out Trivia Royale reddit



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