How to ADD FRIENDS in WIDGETABLE? All possible ways

Here's a video transcript explaining how to add friends in the Widgetable app, also known as Vegetable. Adding friends in this app serves various purposes and can be done in multiple ways.

Vegetable is a lock screen widget app that offers a wide range of lock screen widgets and wallpapers. To add friends, simply go to your home screen and locate the "Friends" section. From here, you can share a unique code to invite your friends. This is the primary method of inviting friends on Vegetable.

By sharing the code, you can expand your friends list and enjoy interactive lock screen widgets. These widgets allow you to send signals to your friends, showcasing your mood and having fun together. Additionally, there are widgets that display the distance between you and your friends, enabling you to stay connected regardless of the physical distance.

If you want to add friends specifically for your pets, there is a slightly different process. First, go to the pets section and hatch a pet. While waiting for the pet to hatch, you can invite friends by accessing the bottom menu within the pets section. This will generate a co-parenting code that you can share with others who wish to co-parent the pet with you. By adding friends via co-parenting, you can collectively take care of the pet and enjoy the co-parenting features.

In summary, there are two main ways to add friends on Vegetable. The first is by sharing your unique code to invite friends and enjoy interactive lock screen widgets. The second is specifically for pet-related purposes, where you can invite friends to co-parent your pets by sharing a co-parenting code. These features enhance the social experience within the app and foster connections with friends. We hope this guide was helpful in understanding how to add friends on Vegetable.

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