so to add friends in zenli app just tap add friends you have so many options to search from context just invite other people search by username so you can just search in database and then you can just add as a friend but you need to change there are some requirements to change the location settings to always you can add by phone number by bumping phones let everyone know you're together bump a to add friend or let everyone know you're together you can invite people from uh from messages from snapchat so just share on your message and then yeah people will add this app so okay so to use this app you always you need to set up zandy location to always so that's basically here you just go here and then set up location to always so for some reason this app really requires that if you don't do it you will have some limited functionality you won't be able to add some friends and yeah something like that so yep something around it um hope this was helpful

Add Friends in Minecraft & Acce...
Add Friends in Minecraft & Accept Friend Requests - Guide
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