here is fidget share app so to add the friends widget here just tap plus icon and then you need to add friends widget then you will need to add widget name and widget id and then tap save where to get that so your friend can't just add the friends widget so if you have a friend and you want to edit in widget share you need to create a widget first so that's basically where it starts so you need to create a new widget so then you just can give a name to that widget that's your friend uh maybe you can just uh add it like a friend name or like like some group of people name like you know family or friends or colleagues and then you can just add some photos here and then just send then basically you're uploading an image and if this image is not being sent anywhere yet it's just there you have it so now widget is created so now you need to share this widget id and then you just can copy that or you can just tap and share button and it will be shared so now you have it and when you create again a new friends widget you can just add widget name and widget id here so hope that's working and yeah thank you for watching

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