How to ADD GLASSES in FACE ID on iPhone?

there so if you go to Settings app and then go to face ID and passcode here you can just tap an option to use fast ID with glasses so here in the bottom you have as I did with a mask if you want you can set it up with a mask also you can just add glasses using face ID while wearing a mask works best one is set up to recognize each pair of glasses you were regularly Five CD with a mask doesn't support sunglasses so yeah basically the whole idea is that price ID really recognize the unique features around the a area eye area to authenticate and it's it's getting a bit more complex when you're adding glasses but yeah then it's still it still kind of works however there can be some bugs here and there especially if you're wearing a mask and glasses simultaneously uh but yeah that's basically the process how you can proceed here and yeah try it out if it doesn't work you can always tap your reset face ID and start all over and then install start all over so that's that's basically it

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