How to ADD IMAGES from Camera Roll in Dream by Wombo app?

to add images from your camera or in dream by mobile app just tap plus in the bottom and then in the you can just tap select image then you need to give access to your images and then you can just use them so i then i can just select like this image of my copy again and wish for my camera roll and then i can just enter some prompt and then i can just select some art and then i can just type here and start to create images so that's what you can try to do okay then i need to retry some images some input images can be quite complicated but yeah as long as you you can upload from your you know camera roll and then just select which one feeds perfectly so let's just wait to see how it will end will it be able to generate or not because yeah so as you can see this is how it looks like and yeah this is the what it generated so a lot of fun so as you can see yeah something like that hope it is helpful

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