How to add LiveIn LivePic widget on iPhone?

here is iphone uh let's explore how to add live in widget so install live in app so you need to have that app installed then tap and hold to see apps jiggling and then search in top right and then tap live in here you will see live in small widget large widget and then you can see all these types uh so here are small videos here is big ones three widgets and four ones so let's just add like a big one so you can see how it looks like this one is massive so it takes like four rows and here you will be able to receive all uh widgets from uh from the people you follow so for example here is uh live in and then i can go to settings and i can go to widget setting i can select uh yeah like all the users from who i want to receive uh this uh yeah this photos and updates and then that's basically it should start appearing soon and maybe it can just take some time so here is how the big widget looks like we can also just uh to show you uh let's just explore how the uh so here is a small one it's pretty neat so it's just on the tech space for four apps and actually i think the small one is working as you can see the big one is is glitchy it doesn't work for me for some reason then another one is i want to install this so here as you can see this is this one is also working and then let's just i will add more users and then i can just select all maybe so yeah here it is now now you have uh the widget updates from different users so these are the users who you are following in live in widget so if you go and then you can just tap and search for for that and then here is another one which is like big one but it has four pictures this heart looks like and then you can see it has pictures from four users and this one has pictures from three users this one from one or just one big one from one so yep uh that's basically that um i hope it is helpful definitely give a try to live in widget app it's uh it's free app and it's very useful

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