How to add LIVESTATUS WIDGET to your homescreen?

hey everyone so how to add Live status widget to your iPhone home screen so here is how a Live status widget looks like and let's just add it together in this tutorial so first of all you need to have IOS 14 or later installed otherwise you won't be able to use to use Live status so you need to make sure that uh yeah like if you just go to your settings that you need to see your current version or just update the software to iOS 14 or later for that you need to have at least like iPhone 7 I guess iPhone 6. so when that is done you will be able to install home screen widgets The Next Step you need to do is just you need to go to a Live status uh to App Store and search for Lifestyles app and then just install this app then you need to go to this app and create an account there so after you've done that let's just start from the beginning and install the home screen widget so go to any screen on your phone where you want the widget to appear like just tap and hold and you will see apps kind of jiggling and then you need to tap on the plus icon in top left or top right so just tap there and then you can add Live status like that and then here you have yeah so you just again search for Live status among the apps if Live status doesn't appear in search results uh try you know make sure you created an account make sure you install the Live status app otherwise you can just reload your phone or just restart your phone sometimes it happens to these apps and then um you have three types of widgets there is small widgets there is bigger widget which will take basically half of your iPhone screen and there is also a big widget which has like four users which means in each of these smaller regions you will receive photos from different user so just tap add widget here and there you have it so now you installed Live status widget but what how it works exactly so in this widget you will receive photos and images and text from your friends um and then you can basically go to your settings and select uh here is something like widget setting somewhere um not here anyhow like here you can select who you want yeah there you have to just setting you can select all or you can select only specific friends from who you want to receive all of this information all of this photos appear on your screen it can be just some of your top friends or some of your top colleagues your partner family and from other people you don't want to receive any messages on your home screen because yeah one of the appears in your home screen is pretty private it gets a lot of your attention you don't want any unwanted content and anything like that um so yeah uh that's basically what it is and let's just send a test photo in this widget so let's just see here there is a camera and I want to send some photo I just took a photo I can also upload from camera roll I can add some text here you can move it then I can just add some status and this is uh yeah the status is a specific feature of this Live status widget app or anything there are different types of statuses here bored happy morning feeling and then of course if you want to unlock all premium statuses you can just upgrade if you really like this feature I actually I don't know I didn't use it that much before but you just select the status and then you select list of friends who to who you want to add this uh this image so for this tutorial let's just send it to me and I'm just sending it and imagine that this is now your friend's screen and then you might and then they will see something like that on their screen so yeah I just sent it to myself for this tutorial but that your friends just will see it on their home screen so it's pretty cool and then actually if you want to reply if your friends want to reply for example to this they just tap on the beat and then you can record a reply and then when you're recording reply you will see that actually yeah you will see that this uh pharah appears in the top left so you can also then just reply and then again send as a reply and then it will be shown on widget so yeah that's basically just a tutorial for you to understand how it works and it's pretty cool to communicate like that just on your home screen and then you can also draw something you can also send some texts and then yeah you can just uh if you want to add it you can just tap and remove Live status widget from your home screen so that's basically the idea hope this tutorial was helpful if it was helpful please like this video so more people can enjoy it you can also subscribe to my Channel or you can tap join button under my channel so more uh users so you can access some additional cool features

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