How to add Locksmith widget on Lock Screen? iOS 16

hey there so here is locksmith uh uh widget and yeah how to add your lock screen feature so I just created my account easily just by logging in with my phone number it's not possible to create an account with Apple ID or email so I just uh I need to add lock screen widget loan press on your lock screen tap on customize and tap on add widgets and select locksmith uh uh so yeah place your widget and tap done so there you have it that's basically the idea uh you can just tap something for your partner's lock screen here you can also have more settings you can have widget design you can change name add partner um you're also I think you can actually customize your lock screen um from here so you can just tap add widgets and then you can just tap locksmith just from your settings uh and then yeah you just add like this and there you have it so that's you just added your locksmith widget to your lock screen hope that's helpful

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