hello everyone so here is uh looks uh token uh this is a new uh nft marketplace looks rare um and then yep to add it to metamask let's just explore so i just tap add to wallet here on the luxor dot org slash rewards and then i can just add token so there you have it and then this token will appear in my in my uh matamask account so that's basically that yep so that's the idea of course you can just search for books enter scan looks are token on ether scan then you can just copy this contract address this one so you can just tap here and then you can open your meta mask you just go to metamask and then you can just go to assets and then just import tokens and then just custom token token contract and then of course because i just added loops but you can just add it here and then you will see token symbol token decimal and just tap add custom token so that's the idea basically hope it is helpful

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