hey everyone so in this video we're gonna go through the lumi token and how to add it to your meta mask so here it is so basically the way to do it is just to look up for lumi talking on eater scan so that's what you can do just to see the contract address of the lumi token and then you can just import that token to uh yeah that contract uh uh to the to the meta mask um so there you have it um [Music] so here on enter scan you just search for lumi token and here is the contract address so then you just copy this address and then you can go to meta mask um and then in metamask you just need to open your metamask extension so here it is and then you need to go to assets tab and then import tokens custom token and then token contract address and then you will see token symbol so just double check if it's the correct one and then just add custom token and then import tokens and then if you just go to your meta mask click on assets you will see that lumi token is available in in your metamask wallet so that's basically how it works i hope this is helpful thank you for watching

How To Add MEMO and Wrapped MEMO To...
How To Add MEMO and Wrapped MEMO To Your Metamask Wallet
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