hello so in this video we're gonna go through how to add md vinyl widget to your home screen so just tap and hold and then you will see all the apps jiggling tab plus in top left or top right and then you can just search for md vinyl so this is the widget which can show in real time songs you are playing either on apple music or on spotify so that's basically the idea of this widget you can select different types of widgets there is small one standard series horizontal there is big one and then there is horizontal with controls so that's basically how it works and then you can just add these types of widgets uh to the your home screen or any other screen so then you just added it you can tap and then edit widget and then you can show music info or not show music info each widget you want to add so for example i want to add mdb nail bigger one or horizontal and then if i just tap to edit this widget it will show additional options such as show controls and then it also show bookmark button so i can tap and hold and then i can remove it then i can also add like a bigger one so to show you all options so i can add this widget and then tap and hold and then i can edit widget and then here i also can show music in for show control show love button and that's basically how this one is working so now i added that one oops and then uh yeah now i see all my videos other ones are removed i can add another one which is just like a controls which is quite convenient if you want to play skip to another bookmark and you don't want to see this i'm diving overview just want to see how to skip to the next one so that's the idea hope this is helpful

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