How to add Memix app to iMessage on iPhone?

so here is iMessage app and to add my mix app to it you can just tap here to see the apps and then basically you can see in my mix app and yeah then you can just search for holidays so you can just search for something and then yeah and then you can just see their ideas here and then you can just select a meme and then it will be passed [Music] yeah something like that so that's I get this is the idea uh you can just sand it um so for example I don't know like you can just send it and then uh yeah so that can be how it works I actually don't really get the like the app um so yeah it's kind of like a giffy but then you just change meme text it's super fun for holidays for some occasions basically if there is a meme with some board like for example you have like a uh like you know a Simpson meme a famous meme bar he's writing on the board you can instantly easily change text but it's not just like some weird uh the board it's not something like very passive text it it adds it in the design design and using the context and all of that and then you can just easily share it um share it on social media hope that is helpful

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