How to ADD NFT PFP on Twitter?

hello so now how to connect nft to twitter so here is some video uh where you can just tap on your profile picture and then you will be able to connect that so just tap on edit profile tap on profile picture and then tap choose nft and then connect your wallet you can see coinbase metamask trust all of that and then yeah you can just connect it but the thing is this feature is available in twitter blue labs so it's not available for everyone you need to be subscribed for twitter blue so yeah so that's a kind of upgraded twitter subscription where you can just ex can get exclusive features uh and all of that and including these features so you need to go to the labs of this twitter blue and then you should enable that i guess but that's like 2.99 per month and then you will have access to twitter blue and theater to theater blue you will have access to labs and then to possibility to connect nft profile peak so some people also just say doesn't work um so there is a big thread here [Music] [Music] so yup uh something like that

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