hello everyone so in this video i will show you how to add link button link sticker to uh to instagram story from ngl app so just uh basically first you need to go to ngl app from here and then go to ngl and copy the link so just copy the link and then tap to create a story in the top part so here you can attach some photo or you can attach some selfies so for example like this and then you can tap in top right part and then here you can just search for the link so this is how it is and then just tap paste and that's basically it and then you will just be able to add this ngl link and just move it here move it wherever you want and then you can just uh write something like this so yeah that's what you can do for example this is without using the the original template from ngl app so that's basically the idea so yeah i hope this is helpful um and uh yeah if you don't like it you can just remove it by dragging like that i hope this is helpful

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