so adding uh ngl link to instagram bio is super easy uh so here it is like instagram profile and then i can see that here is india link and it's clickable i can click it and it's just in my instagram bio meaning everyone who goes to my instagram profile you'll be able to click on that link so basically here is ngl what you need to do is just copy link go to instagram tap edit profile and here just add that in the website field so don't add it in the bio for example if i add it in the buyer field let's just see the difference so and then just tap done and done so here as you can see because i added in website field it's clickable so everyone can just go to your instagram profile and click it and go there also like if you add it in the buyer it's not possible to click the link and link is not clickable so that's that uh right so just don't add it into the buy in the beginner i was doing that and i was like why is this link is not working so it's just how it works and then yeah in case you're you're at some point annoyed with all these messages you can just easily remove it and that's also super easy so hope this was helpful enjoy the app

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