here's ngl app and uh let's explore how to add it on instagram so i just need to copy link here's my link and then i need to share so i need to to create instagram story uh tap on sticker tap on link add link and then share on instagram so then i just need to open instagram and then i need to pass the link for some reason it's not i'm just curious uh so here i just okay in top right i add link and then i just so then i copy link and now i want to pass it like this and then here it is and then i can just sand it like this and yep then you can just share it and then you can just share it like this and that's basically that and then you will have your story available so that's like a yolo app for snapchat or but this is ngl app for for instagram so uh yeah you can get anonymous messages from like people and you don't know who sent you that and then you can get them in your inbox and then you can get messages so very cool this app is in top charts in the us app store right now so yep check it out

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