How to add noteit widget on iPhone? Guide

to add noted widget on iphone the thing you need to do is just tap and hold i will see apps jiggling tap on plus icon in top right and then search for noted here it is noted and then you just need to add widget you can add small widget or you can add large widgets for example if you add large ones is how it looks like it's like pretty big so it takes like i think three rows of apps no even four hours of apps uh and there you have it uh but yeah it's not enough of course you need to go and create an account a noted uh app here and then yeah you need to link your partner so your partner can can receive notes and yeah so and then you can also send notes so if you link your partner you should be able to receive this notes like this one this is just an example note i created for the sake of this video so yep that's basically how it is

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