How to add obimates/friends in UPDATED OBIMY 3.0 app?

how to add obj mates or friends in a bme30 app so here i'm showing a video about updated beams 30 i have other tutorials about previous versions but in this version the newest ones it's a bit different so to add friends just tap in the top left and then uh it says you can search by nickname ideally but it just says it will be implemented soon so unfortunately this feature is just not working at this moment where you can just tap your friend's username and add it so ideally you can just tap to share share your link and then for example share it on messenger or anywhere and this is for example my link so i can just send it to my friends via whatsapp messenger signal whatever you're using and then they will be able to click on this link and add me on the beamy app at ob mates and now in this opinion three zero version you can add many people and then they will appear in this obama section in this obama universe so hope that is helpful um thank you for watching

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