How to add or import emails to Substack?

okay so here is uh substance so to add emails or to import emails you just need to go to dashboard settings and then yeah you can just go to import your email list just click add email so of course you can embed the sign up form on other websites so just tap add emails and then just add the csv file so of course you can add a miles manual just separated by commas some something like this whatever and then just you can select to write a welcoming mail and then you select which tire they're on so for example it can be free sign up 14-day trial 30 day 90 day trial and all of that and then you can also add emails by uploading csv file so just import csv file from like patreon mild chimp or other that uh the tool will import any mile it finds so be sure to upload those who have opted into your list so of course you need you can't just upload some random emails because it will be again some privacy rules especially against the gdpr rules in europe so just make sure that people specifically opted in to receive emails from you on other services hope that's helpful

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