How to add or invite friends in Woov festival app?

so here is full app which is one of the best Festival management apps so to invite friends here just go to your events so here you see your events which are happening and then uh yeah so you can go to you know uh discover section find the festival you are interested in going uh yeah it can be in months or in two days whatever is your planning schedule so you can see your events then you can just select that and then uh yeah you can just tap invite your friends and by doing that it will create your group so basically this is your Festival group from France who are gonna participate in that event then you can just search users uh you can search for someone already who is on that app you can and then you can just invite there um so something like it and then you can chat in this chat group and enjoy that uh so something around it uh yeah it's quite fun so imagine if you're going to some festivals there are so many people so many ones so it's just good to keep organized with this app create your own timetable have a dedicated chat group see all the events and everything and just keep in track

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