to add on images in dream by rambo app just tap on the plus in the bottom and then here on iphone there is this feature where you can add your own input image and this image will be used as a reference to the for the final output so yeah here you can just add some images ideally it should be landscape or some more abstract image because if you add selfies or like people images at this moment this app is not that good with that i rather discord they should become really better at this but at the moment you can only add like some uh image like you know city view landscape mountain sea beaches or something like that and then it kind of works well if you add a selfie it doesn't work or sorry all city and then you need to select style and that's basically you can generate so yeah uh the cool feature uh yeah so then you can see that this is actually generating really amazing new image which you can use and if you just enter let's see all cd without input image then the the final image can not be that good it it can be just much more abstract and it's still nice but it's like with your input image you can really define exactly what uh what you need and have a better final image

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