How to ADD PASS in MY BINDLE app?

okay so how to add passes in my binder app so here is the app so here you can add your health certificates and test results in case you need that just on on your phone easily accessible so you just need to create a free account super easy to do that then you just go to my certificates tab plus and then here you just can select the type type of certificate you would like to create below there are vaccines or test results so for example you just select your date time okay so um yep why it's not working yeah so then you just select select it and then you can just upload document you must add an official test result to create a certificate upload any gdlo files you received or if you only have printed documentation you can snap a picture and employ here so yeah you need to add the lab office where the test was administered patient name date of sample type of test and that's result and then just add photos so that's how it works and then yeah just continue with that so yeah that's the idea how it can work how you add passes also you can just tap plus and then select and the vaccination and then you just need to add a vaccination required card here snap a picture of all pages front and back and then yeah you can just add that and yeah that's that's the idea so in this app you can just keep all of that and yeah instead of just looking for some photos in your i know icloud or just uh scanning some pdf files and saving them on your iphone somewhere you just have this app and it's quite handy i don't know if it works without internet that would be super helpful because sometimes if you need to go to a plane or like check in somewhere where there is no 3g or wi-fi that can be useful to have an app where you can show that without wi-fi so yeah hope that was helpful thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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