How to ADD PET in WAG! dog walking app?

in this video we're gonna go through how to add uh a dog a new pet in in the wac app which is one of the leading dog walking by carrying apps so here is my profile you can go here um so if you want you can uh select a book a work then you can schedule that and then here is you need to select paths so you need to have at least one pad so then you can just add bad and then you can just enter pet name bad birth date approximate is okay breed you can just it's like gender uh weight medium small arch excel and then you need to select uh behaviors like pulse on the leash leash train jumps on people and things scare out of traffic loud noises decent dirt so that's what you can do and then you can just add some note about your pad and the pad photo is also required so here i will just add some kind of like a test photo but anyhow yeah that's what you can do and then yeah then you just added a pad here to to this app and then you can book workings droppings overnight stays trainings doctors and all of that so that's very cool app very convenient nice design so definitely give it a try

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