in this video we're gonna go through how to add polygon network to metamask so polygon is um like another blockchain network alternative to ethereum and polygon is becoming more and more popular because for example if you want to mean some nfts you don't need to buy gas fees for example on on openc and other marketplaces but if you just created your metamask account here via extension usually we'll just have ethereum mainnet so that's the the main blockchain network i also added test networks like some blockchain developers do that you can show hide them but polygon is not here so you need to tap add network and then you will just open another screen like that and usually i'll just google like add polygon to mata mask here you need to add matic mine matte so then basically you just copy from here um all right maybe i can just add chain id no okay it's not so then i can just copy that like and yeah that's that's basically the process and symbolismatic but make sure you're copying that from like some of some like good websites so not some you know uh some unknown website because yeah it can be some scam or stuff like that blocks explorer url uh you can also do that but it's optional so basically and then just tap save so there you have it now you also have like uh ethereum and polygon so that's it so now to test it out let's go to open c and see if i can you know switch to polygon here and login to so if i just go to metamask and so metamask and then here i want to connect this polygon so there you have it so that should be it so there you have it uh hope that is helpful you can always change it to ethereum mainnet or yeah some other networks you added

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