How to add SCROLLABLE WIDGETS on iPhone homescreen?

so did you know you can add scrollable widgets on iphone on ios so here i have locket widget and as you can see i can scroll it up or down so here you can see multiple videos like that so how to do that super easy just tap and hold no tap and hold on your screen app start to jiggle and then or other widget and then i can just tap and hold it starts to shaking and then i can just drag it over so there you have it and then you can swipe like this yeah uh so that's how you create scrollable widgets on ios so to add widgets you need to have ios 14 but then it just works i'm not sure if you can add like other videos there so for example let's experiment if i want to add videos from other or like be real widget for example i want to add it here and then i again so great so it also works with other apps so for example i can have one widget from locket second visit from be real third visit from noted and this way i'm just saving a lot of space on my device so instead of you know occupying half of your screen you just can't do this i didn't know about this feature super handy check it out

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