hey everyone in this video i will show you how to add different pages for different people in a locket widget so tap in top left this is a new update version 1.6 where you create uh you can finally create different widgets for for different people or different groups of people so tap here to create a new widget and then you can just give it a name like colleagues or something and here you need to select friends your friends who belong to this widget so previously um it was a limit i think of 10 frets on the locket widget app now i think this limit was removed and now you can add a lot of friends here so yep and then you can just tap continue so select just group of people and then next step uh you can see also those really cool instructions here you need to add the new locate widget to your home screen and then you need to edit this widget and then you need to find this widget uh without that it won't be working so here is uh i just add created a widget and locket widget app and then let me show you just step and hold you can see all the apps are jiggling and then i add in lock it widget like that so i tap add widget in the bottom then here you have this widget located tap and hold on it add it widget and then i can select so here you can see colleagues widget which which we just created so there you have it then you have colleagues friends and that's that's basically how you select it so hope that is helpful

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