How to ADD SNAPCHAT+ BADGE to your profile?

here's snapchat app tap on your profile in top left tap on snapchat plus so just upgrade it to snapchat plus and here you can just tap on snapchat plus batch to upgrade so what is that so tap learn more and then here you can learn just more what that is so as snapchat plus subscriber you can add some flair to your display name with a black star badge this lets your friends know you are snapchat plus subscriber snapchat plus badge is off by default but here's how to make it to appear so yeah just go to your profile tap on snapchat plus membership card and toggle on snapchat plus badge so yep and then uh then i guess yeah if i see my name so next to my name here as you can see i will just see this snapchat badge so that's kind of how it works and then if i disable it it disappears so that's a cool feature uh yes snapchat plus costs 399 dollars per month so all like four dollars per month ads are not removed but you have all of these additional features

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