How to add users to your Twitter Circle?

hello everyone so a new feature from Twitter is called Twitter Circle so you can just see it in your mobile app in the top in the left sidebar and it just says Twitter Circle here uh yeah how to get access to it you don't need to pay or you know I didn't upgrade to Twitter blue or anything like that um Twitter blue is uh like a monthly subscription service from Twitter as I remember so I just wanted to create a new tweet and then I see a pop-up with Twitter Circle so that's how I got it uh so yeah to edit your Twitter Circle you just tap on that and then you can remove some people or you can go to recommended Tab and then you can just add them and then you can just tap done so that's basically that and then you just have this Twitter Circle updated how it works basically when you create a new tweet you can select the privacy and then it says public or you can just select Twitter Circle uh means that only these four people will be able to see this Twitter Circle not anyone else so that's basically how you change privacy of your Tweet and that's how you choose your audience or alternatively there is another new feature you can also post to specific community on Twitter but anyhow this is Twitter Circle that's how you edit it

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