How to add Vibe widget in MD Vinyl widget app?

here is empty winner widget so they just added a new widget which is called Vibe so before it was just We Know music widget where you can just see your current Sun plane in the video and here it's a new widget and you just needed to connect your Spotify or apple music so to add video to your home screen touch and hold the widget or an empty area tap the add button Plus in the upper left corner select MD vinyl choose your favorite size then tab add widgets so for example tap and hold tap plus and then you can just search Empty video and there will be just here like wipe which just shows you uh the current song or uh you can also add this classic vinyl widget or you can add controls so I can easily add y widget I can probably then just edit it and then yeah it just depends on the size of the widget you can just add different controls and stuff like that here I can also search for mdvino and then I can add here like vinyl widget so there you have this two different widgets but my idea is that I think you still you need to upgrade to Premium uh so to unlock this video player because I since I made it only for premium I don't know if if it was the case all the time because in premium you only have 150 songs so if you want to have more you will need to upgrade

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