How to ADD WEB BROWSER or Google Drive to RAVE? (Video)


Add web browser to Rave – guide

  1. Open Rave app, tap on the plus icon in the bottom right.
  2. You will see a list of available search engines and sites.
    add web browser to rave
  3. Usually, you can just search videos with Google or visit related websites.
  4. Rave Web doesn’t work with every video. If a video can be played in Rave, a pop up will appear.

Rave Web experience is quite limited to search engine and sites represented on the tab. So, if you want to watch a film on Rave, which is not on YouTube, Netflix or any other included network – it won’t be possible.

How to add Google Drive to Rave?

Alternative solution could be to upload your videos or music to Google Drive and then share it on Rave.



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