How to add your business to Maven Messenger?

hey there so here is my own messenger app um i'm just trying to figure out how to add your own store to this app so what you can do you can just download uh my own business application from apple store or google play and follow the onboarding process that's what they replied to me in in their um yeah like support chat you can always reach out to success at so what you don't know what my one is it's like a new trending app it's almost in top 200 apps in social media and us app store basically the idea is that uh you just have all these chats sessions uh which are combined uh either some food or stores or some coaching so someone is selling these kind of cups and then instead of like you know just not knowing what you're doing you can just see what this product is and then you can just ask uh all the details and then you can just buy it just like going to the shop so that's the idea but if you want to add your own product you can just add it and apply for it and yep just by downloading this business application app and that that should work so for it says uh my own business application so we can just search for it it should be available on app store or google play store uh okay so there you have it my own business so then and then from here you should be able to add uh add your store to here so try it out

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