How to adjust Link Previews in Telegram? New update

Telegram, one of the leading messaging apps, has recently introduced adjustable link previews in its latest update. This feature allows users to customize the appearance and placement of link previews within their messages. Link previews have become a popular addition to messenger apps, providing a sneak peek of the content shared via links. Telegram was one of the pioneers in adding this feature to its platform.

With the new update, Telegram users now have more control over link previews. You can easily adjust the size of the media within the preview and choose whether it appears above or below your message. This gives you the flexibility to tailor the preview to your liking and make it seamlessly blend with your conversation.

Moreover, if a message contains multiple links, Telegram lets you select which link to preview. This can be particularly useful when sharing multiple articles or sources in a single message. Instead of multiple previews cluttering the chat, you can choose the most relevant link to display as a preview.

Let's take a closer look at how this feature works. Once you've added a link to your message, you can simply tap and hold on the preview to activate the customization options. A green preview box will appear, allowing you to move it up or down within your message. This ensures that the preview is placed exactly where you want it.

If you prefer not to have a link preview at all, Telegram also offers the option to disable it entirely. This can be done by selecting the "Don't Preview" option, which removes the preview while still keeping the link active.

Additionally, if the link includes media files, such as images or videos, you can adjust the size of these files within the preview. This lets you control the visual impact of the media, ensuring it suits your preferences and the overall aesthetic of the conversation.

The latest update from Telegram brings a range of customization options to link previews, enabling users to have more control over how they appear in their messages. Whether you want to move the preview around, disable it entirely, or adjust the size of the media within the preview, Telegram gives you the tools to make these changes effortlessly.

If you haven't already, be sure to update your Telegram app and give this new feature a try. It adds a level of personalization and convenience to your messaging experience, making it easier than ever to share and view content within the app.

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