How to apply or contact Cash App Studios?

okay so zero's cache app slash studios is a new project which was just introduced by cache app so cache episode by square and square ceo is jack dorsey who is also ceo of twitter so he co-founded these two multi-billion companies and earlier in the year like square bought a majority stake in tidal which is a music streaming service created by a famous rapper jay-z and this is cash app studios is another initiative which kind of is the grand scheme so this is not like some lawn or something this is just like a grant which is given to some prominent artists and cash app studio believes in freedom for artists both financial and creative they fund emerging creators break out projects to stitch a cache after guiding the principle of economic empowerment into the fabric of creative industry and there is no other details so far uh some other websites try to reach out to cash up but there is not no like exact specific comments requirements what you yeah what you need to apply so there is just only this email address cache dash so square up is a square is a company which owns uh cash app uh so you can just write them and figure out all the details that's what i know so far but uh yeah uh artists like victoria monet who has some writing credits for ariagrande have already been signed up so it's it's not an easy competition so but always nice to try                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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