How to authenticate NFTs on Twitter?

hey everyone so twitter plans to let users authenticate nfts their nifties um so probably you heard maybe you didn't that now you can send tips on twitter via bitcoin or ethereum before you can just do that here by paulo venmo now it's also all these mine crypto coins um but now i think that uh as according to this worst article twitter also plans to let users connect their crypto wallets and authenticate the ownership of nfts they tweet with a special badge so yeah for example imagine you bought some like cool like board app crypto punk on openc and you want to like to brag about it and yeah you can just post it on twitter and there will be like a special emoji or special signature where your ownership is verified actually a lot of like web 3 people already are putting all this like crypto punks in in their avatars on twitter or board apps you can see a lot of users just doing that but instead of just putting in the twitter avatars might be if there is a better way to display it uh the company set is planning to support authentication for nfts on infringeable tokens by letting people connect their crypto wallets and if the authentication will come in the form of a badge shown on a profile pictures making the owners nft as an authentic and this has recently boomed in popularity um uh a few months ago the main twitter account did a giveaway of nfts that were minted on a marketplace called drawable                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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