How to block or report someone in Wimkin app? (Video)

How to block or report someone in Wimkin app?

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Wimkin app overview

It is one of the latest applications to be created. It was created by Jason Sheppard late last year, 2020. The most interesting thing about this application is that it works like a combination of Facebook and Twitter.

Wimkin application users are allowed to open accounts and post videos or photos on their accounts. Wimkin app lets its users join different groups, comment on the post from the groups too. It also allows the users to view other people's posts, like them and even share them. This application can be accessed by everyone.

Criticism on Wimkin App:

One of the criticisms on this app is that the users are allowed to post whatever they wish to. This may sometime result in fake news, propaganda or anything like that. People might take advantage of others through posting fake job opportunities.

The App has been also criticized to be involved in the spread of what is consider falsehood on the official political decision and likely designs for savagery, for example, the mobs that shook Capitol Hill a week ago. One of the examples of such posts is the one questioning the Rev. Raphael Warnock's political race as a congressperson for Georgia this month, saying, "WE NEED A CIVIL WAR AGAINST THESE CROOKS." Another included artificial mug shots of tech heads and blamed them for conspiracy and political race altering.

Wimkin app on Android:

This app can be downloaded at ease from the Google play store and installed in one's main menu. To start using it, you have to allow this application to access your contacts, messages and location. After permitting Wimkin app to access the apps, one fills the blank spaces with the necessary information and after that, the app is ready for use.

Wimkin app on App Store:

Apple suspended Wimkin over content that requires a common conflict and the photos of Vice President Mike Pence. Therefore the App is no more available on App store.

Wimkin app on PC

This application is not always pre-installed on most computers but one can download it via the internet. It requires a strong network to download the app and therefore one should ensure a stable network when downloading the app.

Parents review on Wimkin app

Since technology is in our day to day lives, parents can use the wimkin app to familiarize their children with digitalization. Through this application, kids can learn or discover new things in their lives too from the posts on the app. Since this app is accessible to everyone, parents should control what their kids are viewing from the app also.

To conclude, the Wimkin application should be used for the helpful purpose to ensure that its users benefit from the app to avoid violence or tribal wars. people should be watchful of what they share in this app to avoid misleading statements or information. To leave from the app, one denies the app from accessing his/her information from the person's phone, logs out and uninstall the app.

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