How to BLOCK or UNBLOCK someone in OCULUS APP?

to block someone on oculus app you just go to social tab you start here for user names so let's search for like your friend name or the person you want to block here you can just tap on three dots and then uh you you send message from here but as well you can just add this person or just go to profile basically tap on three dots from here tab block blocking someone means they can't add you as a friend invited to a gamer party search for you send you messages so then you just block someone and then you will see that this person is blocked you can unblock this person just by going to profile and then [Music] let's see if i block as well this person then i go to profile and i can unblock but for some reason doesn't work here uh then usually i need to go to to my settings privacy settings i guess and then i can see blocked users list of users and from here i can just unblock uh this person this user on oculus so that's how how you block or unblock someone on oculus app hope that was helpful

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