How to BOOST a CHANNEL in TELEGRAM? What is it?

So how do you boost a channel in Telegram? And why would you want to do that? Boosting a channel is a new feature introduced by Telegram for its channels. Now, not just users but even channels can have stories. However, Telegram has implemented this feature in a clever way. Not every channel can start posting stories right away, as that could lead to a flood of promotional content. To post stories, channels need to level up by gaining boosts. For each level, channels can post an additional story per day to their subscriber story feeds.

To ask subscribers for a boost, you can use a special link like You can find the boost link for your channel by going to channel info, more statistics, boost. By reaching level 10, your channel will gain 15 resistance to trolls and unlock unique admin skills. This is definitely a cool feature!

Now, who can give boosts? Boosts can only be given by people who have Telegram premium. If you are a Telegram premium user, you can support specific channels and give them the additional functionality of posting stories. In a way, this encourages people to upgrade to Telegram premium, as it provides them with more voting rights and privileges.

In conclusion, boosting a channel in Telegram allows channels to post stories and engage with their subscribers in a more interactive way. This feature not only adds value to the channels but also encourages users to upgrade to Telegram premium for enhanced functionality.

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