How to boost your profile in Purp app?

If you're an avid user of Purp app, you must know how important it is to have a standout profile that catches the attention of other users. While users with better profiles are more likely to receive matches and make connections, it can be quite challenging to make your profile stand out in a sea of other eligible singles. That's where the 'Boost' feature comes into play.

The 'Boost' feature on Purp app essentially places your profile on top of the swipe list for a certain amount of time so that you get more visibility and increase your chances of being matched with someone. If you're wondering how to use this feature, we've got you covered.

To boost your profile, all you need to do is tap on the rocket icon located on the bottom right corner of the screen. You can then choose to boost your profile for two hours (690 gems), four hours (1090 gems), or six hours (1390 gems), depending on your preference and budget.

It's important to note that while it may cost you some gems to boost your profile, you can still use the app as usual without spending any gems for two hours. This is because during the two-hour boost period, swiping right on other profiles won't cost you any gems, so you can still make as many matches as you normally would and potentially even more!

In conclusion, boosting your profile on Purp app can significantly increase your chances of getting more matches and ultimately finding your perfect match. With just a few taps, you can give your profile the extra visibility it deserves and make yourself stand out among the crowd. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

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