How to build own Homescreen THEMES in ThemeKit app?

hey everyone so here is this app Theme kit widget and icon themes and there are so many apps like this but this app caught my attention because here you can actually build your own uh themes and build your own wallpapers icons and widgets so here for example you have your own wallpaper of course okay like wallpaper it's not that hard to build you can just use any photo but you can create your own designs here and then you can just attach different colors and ingredients and then here which is pretty cool that you can build your own icons uh for all these popular apps so you are not using some already like ready theme built by some other designer you are completely doing just for yourself so you will have completely unique team just for yourself so here you have something like that and then you can just customize it I think you can change design I guess or then you can just change the photo of the widget okay so I think actually You Can't customize uh icons a lot but you can really customize your wallpaper and widget and fit it together with some like standard icon designs so this way you have like a your own theme so you can customize your own scene with this app and it's pretty cool um and then you you can save it for 19.99 Lifetime and then with this lifetime subscription you can also get access to this uh all other thousand plus themes with just daily updates and all of that so try it out a super interesting app and give it

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