How to bulk delete all your tweets?

how to bulk delete all your tweets so in case you or want to find a way how to just delete all your previous speeds from your timeline but then not deleting your Twitter account and then just start tweeting from like as your first tweet but then of course you are keeping all your followers and all of that so there is the website to be you just sign in with Twitter and then you'll be able to delete tweet from your Twitter feed in bulk to protect your privacy or make a fresh start yeah there are multiple situations where you just need that uh so uh so to delete this useful for people who'd like to limit the amount of data they expose about themselves online uh so for example to provide the new employers seeing something regrettable that you said on Twitter a couple years ago to remove references to an old partner to a purpose and existing Twitter account um so yeah uh can I backup my tweets you can download your Twitter data file which contains the fullest of the tweets um so yeah there is no way to restore twist your Twitter account so any of these are just lists for your own reference not a true backup um so uh there you have it uh you can also delete your likes um can you delete all tweets automatically yes you can also do that there is a premium feature where you can delete more than 3200 bits um yeah so on the premium account you can delete unlimited tweets use the full list of tweets containing your Twitter data exclude up to 100 individual tweets access um um yeah some uh automatic deleting advanced mode so there you have it um and that's just uh only single payment of 15 dollars so yeah sometimes you you just need this feature in some situations if you especially if you're shooting a lot of or you're tweeted a lot in some period and you just want to clear that out that's one of the servicers you can use for Twitter I don't know uh probably there is something like that for Facebook and stuff like that so yeah hope that is helpful

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