hey everyone so in case you noticed somewhere on twitter or other places that there are more and more web three usernames like dot ethereum um so yeah uh to buy one to get one i think you need to go to this website and e and s dot domains and then here you can just buy and try to buy the domain so i will show you the process but i think how it works so you just need to click on launch app and then you can just search for some username so for example i want to search for my name there is english chinese deutsche and this languages also you can buy in russian and all of that so it's not only english so if i search for my username i can see that it's unavailable yeah it's a bitty bitty i can just click on details i can see the expiration date resolver addresses text record not set just ethereum address expiration date controller [Music] so yeah [Music] so unfortunately that's not available this one is available so if it's available i can just go here so for example if i want to register for three years it will be like 15 usds but 0.005 ethereum and atmos 0.065 term gas fee so it's 200 usd and around that so that's i'm getting this domain for three years so you need to request to register wait for one minute and complete registration so there you have it um that's how it works then you need to connect your wallet uh so you need to connect either matamas coinbase wallet torus wallet connect parties new wallet and all of that and there you have it and then you can just buy it of course you can register for one year and yeah you need to and i recommend to increase registration to avoid buying gas because as you can see the price for the mine is really cheap but the the biggest expanse here is just the gas fee uh the gas fee is 230 gray and it's a bit expensive so as i know the gas fee is changing [Music] depending on the day and on the hour so you just need to calculate when it's cheaper when it's more expensive so there are some size like so as you can see here on this chart i think the maximum charge right now is 250 grit and it's like on the 6 pm gmt on thursday so that's what it is right now so usually is the high price after the end of the work and the cheap price is usually sunday 4 p.m or like sunday 3 a.m something like that or like sunday in afternoon or like saturday and afternoon so that's a good time to proceed with the domain [Music] payment and all other payments in the ethereum world and then you can just tap request to register and see what happens so that's the idea of it if you have any other suggestions about it just leave it in the comments below i'm also just exploring this space                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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How to get .COM domain in cheap | Get .COM domain in Rs.229
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