How to buy $OCCT Crypto Cowboy Token?

hey so what is crypto cowboy talking a lot of people are looking for it and trying to buy it and just found it on twitter um so version 2 launching at 1 30 pm eastern official contract um so you can see here launched 54 minutes ago there was some issue there um official a crypto codeboy token so the way uh the best way to purchase your cctv official cryptocurrency token will be on uni swap this is a very well known decentralized trading and swiping platform used by millions of investors our liquidity will be locked for two years [Music] so you here you can see one percent reflection to holders one percent marketing wallet and so they came up with idea to launch their own project that would be honest and give people a safe place and waste their hard earned money so we started planning strategy [Music] so there you have it um so there are like four phases and there is the crypto cowboy token so you need to have a ethereum account on trust wallet matamasker coinbase you will need to ethereum to buy rct on uniswap buy some material from exchanges like buy an answer coinbase transfer they turn to your ethereum account on trust wallet mathematical coin base a separate amount of a theorem for gas fee is needed when swapping then just connect your eternal wallet to uniswap uh click on to allow uniswap to import the official cryptic or by talking your ct contract address you can import it manually as custom token and pass the contract address on uni swap when prompted with a no liquidity message click on trade using v2 set the slippage tolerance to five percent if you are not new to crypto you can try the slippage three can set the slippage between one three percent and change the last two digits or ct tokens that you are buying to 99 um so yeah enter the amount that you will buy and consider the ethereum network gas fee click to swap and pro approves the transaction on your wallet app after a few minutes your ssd balance will be showing in your wallet if not go to add token and pass the official crypto cowboy token so that's the project that's you can buy it um and yeah so here's the official contract and it's just released so that's how you can buy it

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