How to buy coins in plato app?

here's plato app so to buy coins here uh you need to uh yeah tap on the tab on the very right side and then here you can see shop and my coins in top part and then you can see of your coins and then you can buy 2 000 coins from 1.99 and a maximum for like 50 you can buy 75 000 coins so that's pretty a lot the good value is like 20 000 coins for 14.99 uh so yeah that's basically how it works uh yep and then uh if you you need these coins to get all the different kinds of upgrades um [Music] and yeah just enjoy the fuller experience of this of this app so yeah that's basically how it works also you can you can do some daily quests uh if you if you win five games you can get you can get coin rewards um so yeah hope this is helpful thank you for watching

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