How to buy domain names in OpenSea app?

hello everyone did you know that you can buy domain names in openc app so here is the app and yeah you can just search for domain names or tap on this category uh so here just quick introduction blockchain domains have two use cases turning hexa decimal wallet address into human readable names and enabling censorship resistant websites as a result trading crypto domains is a big business for speculators and ft traders [Music] yeah so yeah the the market could really explode here uh you can buy and sell domains from ethereum name services uh and all of that so basically um yeah you just turning this wallet addresses into human readable names so like there are different collections here uh for example you can just buy all of these domains like given ethereum so please check your expiration date the renewal fee is five dollars per year for names five cars uh and 600 over here yeah so here you can just buy that domain name dot ethereum um yeah via openc but this is an openc app on ios on iphone i don't think you can buy it here you can just browse so just do that on their website but yeah this is pretty cool right and in top right you have just filters you can set the item type and all of that oops um so that's how it works yeah so that's the idea and there are different collections here it's basically not only um ethereum domains but just any other domains which you can buy we are just transferring ethereum so that's the idea                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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