hello everyone so in this video we're gonna explore how to buy lgb coin so you need to go to lgb coin dot io so what's that this is a meme coin on ethereum which basically means let's go brandon coin and this coin is an official partner of nascar xfinity series driver brandon brown and car number 68 so they just announced in a press release on december 30th that um yeah this coin will back this driver and it's super yeah super exciting so you can see that will be on his cars and how to purchase your lgb coins you just need to create a wallet go and buy some other mask then you just need to buy ethereum on the mata mask and then you need to go to uni swap and then you can start swapping as soon as you have a term a while loop player select the token and enter the token address to search for lgb on the token list so i already have mata mask you can watch in my other video so just search on youtube how to create meta mask uh you just need to have this kind of metamask extension here in chrome extensions uh so then i need to go to uni swap and then i tap connect wallet and then it should pop up there should be like a pop-up is all these wallets coinbase wallet for automatic parties uh so then i just yeah connect metamask probably need to enter my password or something like that okay so now i'm in uni swap so now i need to select a token and then i need to basically copy this uh token address or i can just pass this address and then i can import lgb let's go brandon it says unknown source this token doesn't appear on the active talking list and just tap import and then i can just write some amount like you know i don't have ethereum here and then i can just enter the amount and then i can buy uh yeah this amount of lgb coins and then i can just swap it so yeah something like that so hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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