How to buy NFTs on Crypto com?

hey everyone so did you know that on there is a new feature or you can buy nfts so you just need to go to nft and from here you can just buy nft collectibles so this is how it looks like uh you can just see all of that and then you can just like view drop and you can also create an email just sorry subscribe to their newsletter for the latest news drops and collectibles so now i just subscribe so yeah and then the idea is that it's just basically a newsletter i think where you can just follow some drops and then uh you can see all the like top craters and collectibles from last month's last week from today and you can see all of that like all these cards and then yeah here you will need to confirm your drop subscription so and then of of course there is like a marketplace so you can search by specific tags art celebrities gaming sport music crypto and then just go here and just look for all of that there are also like brands and you can create an account so if i want to go here for example let's see what happens so yeah then i will just see this uh nft uh i can see crypto or chain details ownership history beads i can see the edition i can see when the auction ends so it's similar to openc and then i can just place a bead here and then i just need to sign in so yeah that's the idea basically and yeah i didn't know that offered nft marketplace so in case you didn't know yeah you can buy nfts now on and also yeah um as well as on openc rarible foundation app other well-known nft marketplaces but also you can do it now on

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