How to buy or sell NFTs in ZEDGE app?

did you know that after recent updates there is a possibility to buy any of these on dodge app so you can just search and tap nfts and then you will be able to buy all these nfts just from the zeitgeist app so that app is usually was an app for just i interesting iphone wallpapers but now it's more like a social media where you can create your own wallpaper sell it and now there are also like nfts which are kind of like also can be a phone wallpaper uh but you need you can purchase it for like 10 000 uh zedge so you yeah usually nfts are much much more expensive than uh than usual pictures when you just sign up and go to the app you just have 10 credits so 10 000 credits it's around 1999 right okay so that's that's uh pretty cheap for nft i'm just um i just need to think like how to justify even if to cover ethereum gas fees if you buy nft here like how how you can then just transfer mint and nft with such low gas fees and all of that so yep that's the idea basically overall thank you for watching

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