How to buy SQUID token? Anybody knows?

hey everyone so i'm just trying to figure out how to buy squid game token i'm just reading this article which is first on google like with the steps okay so this second article on google like what they say here basically is you need to buy bnb on binance okay you can do that you can send your bnb to a compatible wallet like trust wallet or metamask and then basically you can buy squid game token on sushi swap tex and then you can now swap your bnb for squid you'll be able to swap for hundreds of coins including squid so [Music] squid game token was created as an exclusive coin for the squid game project which is a crypto play to earn platform so let's just try it out so sushi swap is basically you can go to enter app um of course you need to connect your wallet and then swap from um so i just want to search like vnp so first i can't just um yeah i can't find it here and then if i want to swap to if i search for squid i can't find it here so yeah no results found so like if you guys know better idea how to buy squid it will be super helpful just leave it under the comments below maybe first i just need to connect wallet here but i can't just figure out how to exactly buy squid squid cam token so that's about that i hope you have a better solution to this i couldn't find anything else like how to it's not on coin geeker so if i want to find like uh usually i can just search here if i want to buy like squid it's not it's not here [Music] so that's that basically um if you have a better suggestion just leave it in the comments below

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Token Squid Game itu Scam alias "Rugpull"
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