So currently I have god mode in gazab so I'll show you how to cancel it because it's actually pretty expensive so go to Settings app then tap on your iCloud account and tap on subscription so that's one of the ways to do it also you can just go through your app store app or basically go here tap on subscriptions it will just take some time but basically yeah this menu just collects all the subscriptions then there is active god mode which says gas for some reason it says also crash and then you just tap on that and then here you have this red button cancel subscription and then you can just cancel it from here so that's how you cancel god mode in the in the gas app you will see when it renews if you cancel a subscription of course you will still be able to use it until renewal date because you purchased it for a week yeah so at the moment it's 6.99 weekly so it's not monthly so yeah per month is around like 28 like almost 30 dollars per month so it's like pretty expensive of course if you're using this app regularly that's fine but yeah and it can get pretty expensive so if you want to cancel from the app store app um just again open app store app and then in top right tap on your profile and here you have subscriptions menu it's basically the same and also from here you can also cancel like God mode in in a gas app so these are like two ways usually standard twice how you can cancel subscription on iOS iPhone devices note that if you delete gas app like you know you should just hold like this and then you just tap remove an app on the gas app it won't cancel your subscription so also if you delete an account in gas app it also won't cancel your subscription so your subscription will remain active um so that's basically that um hope it was helpful

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